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mama bear

AWWWwwwwwww. I am seriously teary :) I am so glad that you like the book that much!! It makes it even more to do that kind of thing when it means so much to the person I am making it for! And yes...I had a great time making that book. It won't be the last one because we have a lot more memories to make! ;)

Belles Mama

One of my fave wedding presents was a scrapbook Mama Bear made of my wedding!  :)

Pope Tracy

Aww, Krissy, I think you have a future in scrap book making. I told you I'd pay you to take all my pics and do something with them....HAHAHA.

Belles Mama

I've told her the same thing too!

mama bear

Haha!! Awesome- I am glad you liked your wedding book too, Nici! It felt better giving it to you that way rather than just as a pile of pictures. And I would love to make money doing it too- maybe someday!! Fork over the pictures ladies! Or I will take them for you too- follow you around for the day and take some pictures!! ;)

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